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26 year old Dutch person who has been introduced to Adobe Photoshop in 2003. After doing a lot of stuff on the web as a fansite owner and designer, I decided to expand my knowledge and work with Adobe Illustrator (2016) as well to create digital artwork

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Hello Newgrounds,

I thought it'd be a great idea to introduce myself in this post 'cause the small 'about me' part on the side of my page is kind of short and doesn't feel right.

My name is Manuela (AleunaM on NewGrounds) and I'm a 26 year old Dutch self-taught graphic designer/illustrator. I started using Photoshop in my early teens and was mainly focused on headers, banners and all those type of graphics. My main focus was to create fansite designs for those who are in need of a website. Did years of HTML and worked my way up to WordPress. I still struggle with creating WordPress themes, but I'm learning as I go and I'm loving it.

It wasn't until earlier this year that I decided that I wanted to create more using Photoshop, so I searched the web to find some tutorials on how to draw (illustrate). Found Jazza on Youtube and instantly thought it would be awesome if I could create something digitally, even if it's just for fun - and it still is. I also realized I needed to practice using the 'Pen Tool' in Photoshop, so I thought it'd be great start. So with references, I was able to create something digital and I was so proud of myself 'cause I cannot seem to create something with just pen and paper. Now, a few months later I slowly started to try things without references, but I quickly realized I definitely need to have a tablet if I really want to create something such as my own characters. So I decided to stick with my mouse+keyboard for now and keep trying to create something original, even though I'm still using references here and there, I still try to be as original as I can such as doing crossovers/fusions like I did with the Goku + Pikachu illustration.

I'm definitely saving money to get myself a Wacom Cintiq 'cause I tried the Intuos Art, but my hand-eye coordination sucks; I need to see what I'm doing.

So... My goals for now:
- Improve my skills
- Try to be as original as possible
- Save money for a Cintiq

Feel free to ask questions. <3

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